Utopies (mixed technique, 2021)
Deuxième composition (détail)
Compositions (mixed technique, 2020)
Hommage à Bernard Frize 3
Hommages (2020)
Impression 14
Impressions (2019)
Figure 35
Figures (2018)
Élégie 3
Élégies (2017)
Sans titre
Sans titre, acrylique sur toile de lin, 24x33cm, 2021
Huitième composition (détail)
Huitième composition, technique mixte sur toile de lin, 180x130cm, 2020

A hand-drawn line is a form of expression, while a ruler-drawn line is a dying entity. The nature of man, s that of a machine, is revealed in the strokes they produce. A lifeless machine will plot nothing more than a deadly, expressionless stroke, while man will draw an expressionful line, itself feeding its internal psyche (imagination, emotion). Historically, abstract painting was built around this man/machine dichotomy, which could also be designated by the softness/hardness opposition, also called geometric abstraction/ lyrical abstraction in the pictorial field. […] Read the article

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Silvère Jarrosson at Villa Medici
Performance by Silvère Jarrosson screened on Villa Medici façade

This book was written by Jean-Louis Poitevin, doctor of philosophy and contemporary art critic (AICA France) and illustrated by the artist’s work. It is part of a wider-ranging project to make art criticism accessible to all, without oversimplification. The book was published in October 2020 by Éditions Marcel, with a foreword is by curator Yoyo Maeght and an afterword by young art critic Grégoire Prangé. Order here

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