Land 1
Land 1 : Acrylic and elastomer on linen canvas, 130x98cm, 2019

Artwork and news from French painter Silvère Jarrosson

Silvère Jarrosson’s work adds an apocalyptic dimension to the known world. He offers us an universe in which all language is abolished, but in which the animated and moving part of soul, the humming of interstices, and the breathing voids still reign: without which life would give up its legendary component. That is why this art should be viewed as an organic, slow-moving adventure—starring the mythical time that lies within us unbeknownst to us, and kindles our emotions. […] Continued

—Mathieu François du Bertrand (Critique d’art – AICA France)

Impression 14
Impressions (2019)
Figure 35
Figures (2018)
Élégie 3
Élégies (2017)
Fragment · Organe 22
Fragments · organes (2016)
Cryptique 5
Cryptiques (2016)
No man's land 5
No man's lands (2015)
Créature 9
Créatures (2014)
Coma 8
Comas (2013)
Elégies 23, 24 et 25
Elegies 23, 24 and 25 (triptyque), acrylic, elastomer and varnish on linen canvas, 200x130 cm (X3), 2018.

Figuration necessarily means something, since it figurates. Shapes and contours are viewed through the prism of what they represent—providing a predefined understanding and interpretation framework. Abstract art, without a framework for insight, risks being meaningless, without nothing to say beyond an artwork’s pre-existing void. […] Read the article

Impression 11
Impression 11 : acrylic and elastomer on linen canvas, 73-60 cm, 2019.
Silvère Jarrosson at Villa Medici
Performance by Silvère Jarrosson screened on Villa Medici façade