A Vertigo

The paintings of Silvère Jarrosson offer a personal and ambiguous Panel of the States of soul that dance can carry and convey: exaltation, suffering, madness, precision…

Some time

Far from a frozen representation, the narrative of these works is lived within a precise time frame—that which is necessary to move. If the sensation is, by definition, immediate, expressiveness, on the other hand, unfolds here in a time frame specific to each artwork. Each can thus be looked at like a narrative (visual just as much as musical or corporeal). The composition is much more than a mere visual journey. It is the frame of an unravelling narrative. Open narrative, with he edge of the canvases offering a trailing edge towards which the imaginary can unfold.

A back taste of emptiness

The canvases gear up. The vivid colors fight battle, construction is chaotic, the overall appearance teeming with events, inspiration over-replete, and the retina is stimulated. Yet one is far from visual saturation. The third dimension seems to open up a loophole. From a gap, the imagination reconstructs large spaces (the atmosphere, the sea, the universe). The escape is spontaneous and risky. Fumbling about this space that is conjured up by each beholder proves a hazardous exercise. In the two-dimensional space of these canvases, the abyss is never far away. The abundant space leaves the viewer with a taste of emptiness. Dizziness.