Debré – Jarrosson, rencontre

Lyrical abstraction yesterday and today

From 25th May to 17th July, 2021, Galerie Faidherbe offers a confrontation of the work of two abstract painters from very different generations, master Olivier Debré and contemporary painter Silvère Jarrosson. A rather innovative exhibition format, in which two lyrical abstraction proponents meet, with about fifteen of their works on display, in a tribute to Olivier Debré, a major figure in this movement, and an opportunity to discover a member of the new generation, opening a perspective on future of abstraction.

The exhibition catalogue, with contributions from Carolyn Carson, dancer and choreographer, and Lydia Harembourg, art historian, is available here.

Text by Lydia Harambourg on the exhibition

Interview with Carolyn Carlson about the exhibition (by Ariane Bavelier)