Genèses et gestes

Silvère Jarrosson does not resort to paint in order to create: he socialises with it, in a communal manner that alternates between the accommodating and the rebellious. His work, spanning lengthy series, engenders a succession of abstract figures, which he identifies, works on and combines, in a series of choreographic-like compositions. This results in an increasingly complex genealogical movement network.

Genesis through gesture

This exhibition offers a selection of works illustrating the development of Silvère Jarrosson’s work over the last couple of years.A series of small to medium-sized formats, where painted gestures are isolated and studied separately, and a set of large works in which the figures dynamically interact.
Two works stand out owing to their original size:

  • A section of L.U.C.A., spanning a total length of around twenty-five metres. This sixteen-panel polyptic, measuring 2×1.5 metres, is the artist’s largest-ever work. It was initially exhibited in Latvia, at the Riga Fine Arts Academy in 2018, it was reassembled at the Liepaja Concert Hall, then at the Madona Fine Arts Museum. It was then shown at the Lys Over Lolland exhibition in Denmark, where the artist’s work was exhibited together with pieces from France’s Mobilier national. We are pleased to present part of this work in France for the first time.
  • Finally, une of the three videos composing Hommage à Antonin Artaud, produced in 2019 at Villa Medici. This was screened directly on the Roman monument’s facade oat the Villa Aperta festival. Years later, Silvère Jarrosson is again using body expression, without resorting to paint.

—Célien Palcy, exhibition curator, extract from exhibition catalogue

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