Giving birth to chance

This is the story of a boy who draws.

who once told his parents : I would like to dance.

As he was gifted for Ballet, the boy enters the Opéra de Paris.

But repeating his first role as soloist – this feast of flowers in Genzano that Nureyev interpreted – he is seriously injured.

It is the story of a dancer who suffers in silence.

A wounded boy who goes up on stage, and wakes up in an emergencies room.

Generalized infection : pretty close to death.

Real births are renaissances.

Silvère Jarrosson was born at eighteen, with one idea in mind : painting.

Destiny is the film that we tell each other after seeing the film.

Silvère says : I am asked to tell a story, so I explain that the painting is part of the continuity of the dance. Because of the movement. But I don’t think it’s that simple.

It’s never that simple : the dance was already a painting.

Pinned to the wall of the workshop : sketches of shapes, strokes, four shades of blue, a quote by Henri Michaux, a child’s drawing (Princess and magical Lion), Fractals, photographs of palms, an assortment of butterflies, newspaper articles on dance – Maguy Marin, Lucinda Childs.

Silvère says : It’s a matter of mixing. We need to find the right consistency. I paint with acrylic. When the water evaporates, the canvas weighs up to 15 kilos.

How long does it take to dry a canvas? – One week. And it has to stay perfectly flat.

And while it dries ? – We wait.

In the meantime? We close our eyes, and we look.

Silvère doesn’t paint things that are called. It is said that he practices abstraction.

Like a Rorschach test, his works reveal to each of the faces, landscapes.

Silvère says : I do not think in terms of objects but of sensations, of feelings.

In his bottle-shaped bottles, he introduces colors.

No mixing.

He pours.

The colors are pouring out.

A story is born and encouraged.

Cinema dialogue: no better to learn humility than the force of gravity.

The writer has twenty-six letters to make his infinite.

Infinity is its consequence.

Infinity is the starting point for Silvère.

A rocky structure unfolds : granitic, marbled.

Silvère says : If some surfaces evoke geology, it is that they result from the same forces that crushed the mountains – in less time.

I’m thinking about the word sepsis.

The canvas that I contemplate becomes infinitely great ; infinitely small.

It should be forbidden by law to photograph a painting.

In the work of Silvère Jarrosson there are organic reliefs, rudesses, suavities peculiar to love.

Children are told: you can touch with your eyes.

Silvère likes to isolate details in his paintings.

His trousers, his shoes are stained with black and gold.

The figuration tells a story.

Abstraction tells them all.

Writers are asked why they write.

If we asked Silvère why he painted, we could hear him answer : to make chance bloom.

In his work : several periods already.

We are amazed by the coherence of the movement.

By the overpower of his chances.

He’s a painter who paints without brushes.

Instead, he has the talent.