Painting series

This new series is a tribute to th egreat masters of French painting over the past fiftey years. A way of recognising their contrribution while offering a modest continuation. Next»
Following my residency at the Fondation Claude Monet, this series aims to reaffirm the existence of a porous frontier between figuration and abstraction, of which Claude Monet was one of the first explorers and on which I propose to work. Next»
Abstraction consists in stating a shape, with that statement trumping any other. This series aims to give dance an opportunity to make this pictorial statement. Next»
The Elegies are a collection of poetry whose meaning fades, as a path whose trace gradually fades. In Rilke’s poetry, the sensible replaces the intelligible. Next»
Mixing and interlacing of colors is natural, and often observed. On the other hand, the clear delineation between different fluids that do not mix not mix is very much the exception, and gives birth to a rare and strange aesthetic. It is this idea of fracture that is developed in this series. Next»
This series is built as a serial production of what the complexity of granular blends can generate. Next»
Stemming from a cold viscous evolution, this series questions our place in a large cosmos where the eternal meets the snapshot. Next»
My Créatures are abstract beings who evolve, move, twist and metamorphose into the space of my paintings. They have the freedom of our imaginations. Next»
My dreamlike visions of the coma are about the mental and Misty consciousness that animates us, the personal one that the mind has of itself and of the body. Next»
In the man who dances, the realisation of the ability to move and the pleasure that the movement generates leads to exaltation Next»