This series’ title refers to thoughts on the composition, in a concerto mode, of a pictorial piece, i.e. a composition in which a central figure stands out on a background made up of numerous elements, just as the voice of soloist’s voice in a music ensemble.

Here the central figure could be the visitor, faced with a pictorial environment, just as the soloist is faced with his or her orchestra. This is because in this series’ works, there are no unique shapes, but rather an entanglement of coats, pursuing the texture work engaged in in my Impressions series. For the first time, oil paint comes on top of an initial, partly sanded acrylic coat. This does not aim to reveal an oily shape on top of a dry one, but rather to combine both techniques, and the resulting textures, in the murkiest possible manner, resulting in an orchestral symbiosis.

Mixed technique, the saying goes. Meaning mixture and hybridization.

The use of oil—a minor revolution for me as a painter—compels me to produced each artwork in stages. In several movements. Initially horizontally, for the acrylic stage. One, or several, vertical stages follow, once the work has dried, to apply the oil coat. Thus the composition includes several movements, which combine to make up a global art piece. Introducing the brush changes everything, allowing me to combine several components. At the beginning of my painting career, I spent several years refining and isolating the movements making up each one of my artworks. Now, however, I combine, superimpose and, by making them meet and tangle up, I create a complex orchestral work.

These symbiotic sets give birth to abstract landscapes, with a number of structures and textures mingling on the canvas. Landscapes are particularly suitable abstract subjects. This is why I resort to this concept to attempt overcoming any strict opposition between the figurative and the abstract, with hybrid artworks. The aim is for the paint, once it is put in motion, to express itself.

This floating composition is a renewed attempt at expressing movement.