The Elegies are a collection of poetry whose meaning fades, like a path whose trace fades progressively. In Rilke’s poetry, the sensible replaces the intelligible. The contours—which I find it difficult to discern— can evoke the beginnings of this this troublesome nowhere 1Rainer Maria Rilke, The Duino Elegies (Fifth Elegy) peculiar to Rilke. At the unstable borderline between white and color, they come from this place where words can no longer express themselves. Elsewhere.

What we perceive of the world may be only the fragment of a much larger reality. This series of works is a testament to this unrecognized space.

At a deep level of perception, stretching, folding and contracting the space of our sensations. Barely evoked by my works, this dynamic universe leads us into its own reality.

And increasingly thin, the outside, disappears