My Hommage à Antonin Artaud at the Villa Medici in June 2019 was a trigger for the wider hommage, or tribute, to French masters of abstraction (Bernard Frize, Fabienne Verdier, Pierre Soulages) or of dislocated figuration (Philippe Cognée)—artistic milestones to which I constantly return. Back to basics..

Following on from these artists, obviously, involves not copying them, but rather acknowledging that while one will have followed a different path, the result will be reminiscent of theirs. With this in mind, this series was conceived as a similarity/dissimilarity game as compared with senior artists. The aim is as much to honor their contribution to the history of art as to write a modest continuation thereof.

Rather than a mere evocation or, conversely, slavish reproduction, the aim is to pay tribute via resemblance, while using different techniques, inducing questioning about the procedures, results, processes and form generation, which lie at the root of my work