Pictorial cartography

Silvère Jarrosson: abstracting movement

Silvère Jarrosson’s work involves a quite remarkable pictorial journey, in which abstraction is torn apart by turbulent projections. The artist uses pollockian dripping, releasing the capillarity of the acrylic paint he uses to develop his colourful turbulence.

Production breaks forcefully free of traditional pictorial abstraction, and gives birth to a form of non-figurative art—a celebration of spontaneous movement. Silvère Jarrosson shows us a dizzy pictorial cartography, where the micro-cellular boldly clashes with mountainous reliefs, where colour emerges between the dense asperities within these intertwined organisms. Pictorial cartography of which the self-taught artist offers us an aerial view. And it remains for the spectator’s hypnotized eye to gaze across the depth of his canvases, in a mechanical but disorderly rhythm, ripping the flesh from from life: movement.