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YIA Art Fair

The Blanc Art Gallery, one of Macao’s leading galleries, presents Silvère Jarrosson’s work at the YIA (Young International Artist) Brussels Fair, now a mainstay of the European young artistic scene. A large triptych was n display, together with two smaller works.

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Sanya Art Fair

Blanc Art Gallery from Macau presents Silvère Jarrosson’s artwork for the first time in China, at the Contemporary Art Fair at Sanya (Hainan Province).

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Dissolution of the body

In shivaist philosophy, a dance is the original cause of the creation of the world. Shiva, seized by a sudden frenzy of life, is believed to have started dancing, thus giving birth to the Universe, continents, rivers, mountains and humankind. This laysa or “cosmic and divine dance”, represented by the famous Nataraja statues, generates the perpetual destruction and rebirth of the world (1).

This legend, by bestowing on the act of dancing and, specifically, bodily gestures, the ability to create things, leads to a poetry-filled cloud of questions around the body’s involvement in artistic creation. The human body is just as much at the root of creation as the spirit.

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La mémoire de la danse

At this exhibition, The Venice Alliance française invited Silvère Jarrosson and Dany Lévêque to discuss dancing memories, as underpinned by their respective work. Dany Lévêque is a choreologist and movement assessor at Compagnie Preljocaj. Dancing memories in her work take the form of rigorous assessment, with choreographic sheets an essential component for contemporary ballet to run smoothly. Silvère Jarrosson attempted discussed, in abstract form, his memories of his years at the Paris Opera École de danse.

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