Residence at Collection Lambert

In February 2020, Silvère Jarrosson was in residence at Collection Lambert in Avignon, as part of a teaching experiment with children. The projects aims at drawing the children’s attention to the connections between dance and painting, and between painting and dance. The ambition is to explore the abstract expression potential unleashed by this movement back and forth from painting to dance and back again, and to provide support for the children’s choregraphic and pictorial work.

In front of the work at collection Lambert, each participant is encouraged to move, dance and reflect on the different ways of physically expressing an artwork in a barrier-free artistic environment. At the second stage, each child creates a work or work series based on his own original movement, explores its potential and ways to express it as a painting. The intention is to support the children as they transition from movement considered as mere corporal expression to movement as a means of expression when painting.

The project’s artistic and educational challenge is to stay accessible and understandable for the children, while also providing a channel for spontaneous and enthusiastic expression. The results showed quite unambiguously that the children had fully mastered these concepts.