Tout va très bien

  • Galerie Mansart
  • · Paris
  • · France
  • · Group exhibition
  • · Curator: Azar Asifovitch
  • · February 2019

Silvère Jarrosson’s in situ artwork on display during this group exhibition at Galerie Mansart was unprecedented insofar as it was produced directly on the wall of the exhibition space—i.e., for the first time ever vertically. While his work consists in structuring the paint as it spreads (lines, curves, spots, borders and filaments) on a medium that I generally horizontal, in this instance the actual framework of his approach has changed, being made vertical. This brought him to design a new construction, subjected to major tropism: gravity. Like a vaulted ceiling, it is conceived to resist it. Verticality induces a fresh constraint, in turn providing an opening towards fresh liberty.