How do we relate to the world of ideas, imaginative speculation as a discipline of the mind, and what it generates? This short film offers a dreamlike exploration of these mental or geological terrae incognitae, generating ideas and life.

By showing us things that exist, but that we seldom see, these images become the equivalent of a pebble brought back from the Moon: a testimony about an unknown, fascinating place, which questions the frontiers of the perceptible as we think we know it. The mental universe peculiar to each one of us is filled with unknown quantities, and anything coming from the outside is likely to challenge these internal frontiers by softening and enlarging them.

Is what we are experiencing just a fragment within a much larger and more complex entity? The awareness raising in which contemporary art claims to engage would then operate, bringing fragments and testimonies of this multidimensional and intertwining space into the field of consciousness . At this time, neuroscience is gradually lifting the veil on the functioning of the human mind. Introspection and exploration of this intimate and imaginary supra-world is increasingly becoming possible.

My paintings reflect a latent ambiguity between motion and stillness. They are fossils, traces left by the motion that begat their birth. This ambiguity was also behind my decision to produce these videos. I do not conceive of it as a mere appendix to my pictorial research, but as an integral part of it. Conversely, my digital work also impacts my painting style.

I don’t use a camera. Digitalised photographs are processed to provide the organic tremor movements that initiated birth. So where, exactly, are we? Not just in a white space without edges or dimensions, but also at the beginning of the birth of something. Uterine chaos, and initial posturing seeking out one another.

The movements, palpitations and stretching of these paint fragments recall those at work when I’m painting. They are also a challenge to explain how these shapes took form. The subtle shades of these dancing gestures, and their inconsistency, contribute to the illusion of life. I engage in a succession of digital pathways on my canvas, simulating the movements of a body unfolding inside. Without a spatial framework, this abstract ballet is a new way of approaching the choreographic universe.